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1. This website and its content (texts, images, audio, video, attachments) are the property of Evo Biz Studio.SRL (LTD/PLC), identified by CUI: 32432643, J39 / 597 / 05.11.2013, and can not be replicated, copied and published on any other sources (online or offline – such as a website, portal, blog, business directory, written press, television, radio, etc.) without a written approval from a person empowered by our company. Exception makes the sharing of “as is” content on social networks.
In exceptional cases, when you consider that a content or essential part of it is yours, please contact us (with authentic evidence) to correct any possible situations as soon as possible.

2. Accessing this site is a privilege and not a right. Evo Biz Studio.SRL(LTD/PLC) reserves the right to choose both its clients and visitors to this website.

3. The use of this website is at the sole responsibility of the visitor. Evo Biz Studio can not be blamed, liable or sanctioned in any way for the malfunction of the device on which this site is accessed from/on.

4. The information presented on this site is not the subject nor the obligation of a contract (sales). They are provided for information purposes to inform visitors of this site about the purposes and services which Evo Biz Studio.SRL(LTD/PLC) can offer.

5. The inquiries through online forms within the site are not contractual. They will be treated as purely informative about our services.

6. Evo Biz Studio SRL(LTD/PLC) offers its services only and limited to legal entities. We do not provide services to individuals. Therefore, personal data is not the subject of this site.

7. According to point 6 of this page, make sure the “email address” and “phone number” entered in the online forms on the site as the best way to contact you back, represent the official contact details of the company you are inquiring for.

8. Entering data on our site represents the acceptance of the person who entered them.

9. The data entered in the forms on the site, as well as the correctness of them, is the responsibility of the persons who introduces them.

10. Evo Biz Studio SRL(LTD/PLC) reserves the right to use the contact information entered by the visitors in the forms and in the newsletter subscription system on the site, in promotional campaigns (online or offline) of its own services, products, but also of those in which it is a partner or co-owner.

11. The “Terms and Conditions” content may be changed at any time without prior notice. Users / visitors are required to periodically check this page.